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Organizes guided tours

From the blade of grass to the cheese wheel aged for 100 months: in less than two hours you can see every step,  from the soil that feeds the animals to the production of the finest Parmigiano – Reggiano!

In these decades, people from all over Europe and the world have passed by us: from Japan to Bahrain, from China to South America and each of our visitors had the opportunity to get to know our product closely, seeing the history directly. and the work behind each piece of cheese.

Our policy of absolute transparency makes guided tours a cornerstone and over the years we have accompanied schoolchildren, tourists, buyers and international food experts to “touch” our reality, to visit it, tasting our product and proof with the palate one of our reason for pride: the particular sweetness of the product.

The feedback received from various visitors over the years has comforted us in this regard, confirming that the path we have taken is the right one to differentiate ourselves in offering a product of the highest quality. Therefore, the invitation to visit our reality remains and will always remain one of our priorities!

The visits, which we have always carried out with the utmost respect for hygiene and cleanliness, are now also organized in full compliance with anti-Covid-19 regulations.

A minimum of two people is required to organize a guided tour.

They visited us from all over the world… Japan, South America, Bahrain, China

The overwhelming Florentine enthusiasm came to conquer Borgo del Gazzano! Mission accomplished

On 6 December we received a visit from a group of tourists near Florence.

The famous contagious Tuscan irony invaded the village for almost three hours of pleasant visit.

It was a real pleasure to receive the group led by Mr. Massimo Capogrossi who, despite some small setbacks during the trip, managed to arrive in time to see the best and most suggestive phases of our production.

The whole Borgo thanks them, wishing them the best Happy Holidays and, why not, may their visit be only the first of a long series!

Jose Bastos, Ana Cardoso and their wonderful family

The year 2014 also left us pleasant memories related to our visitors.

The Bastos family from Portugal with their beautiful two children could certainly not be an exception.

For them it was certainly interesting to see the processing and to be explained in detail the processing of our noble cheese, known all over the world but almost unknown to most as regards its production.

For us, however, as always, it was an exciting moment to see two children who, when they tasted the cheese, spoke with their bright eyes. Believe us, for us producers there is nothing more beautiful than making children happy when we give them our cheese!

Result: two wonderful hours spent together and a heartfelt thanks to the Bastos spouses, who later became our e-commerce customers, for their visit and for their wonderful family!

The first group of Chinese tourists visiting the Borgo

The year 2014 is destined to go down in history as the year of the first times. After Malta, a group from Canton, China also visited us. To be precise, the first Chinese visitors were from a television crew, Simona Ruan and her group were the first tourists. Thanks for their visit, it was nice to have our little visitors use our hammer to expertize the shapes!

Florian, Greg e Klaus, from Germany with passion!

Our 2014 started with a nice surprise!

The Urmezter brothers and their friend really conquered everyone with their good mood.

Germans are usually said not to be ironic. They were a very pleasant exception, always with the joke ready and very fascinated by our warehouse.

Thanks guys for the two hours spent with you, you were really an explosion of fun!

Joanna Zerafa

On June 27th we received the pleasant visit of two Maltese tourists, the first ever from that beautiful island.

We got to talk about our cheese but also … about their beautiful sea.

Thanks Joanna for your visit, we have had you as welcome visitors and if by chance you want to come back … we are always here!

Reservations are required, you can book through the address at least one week in advance.

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