Nutritional Facts



Milk from organic farming, rennet and salt.


The processing of Parmigiano – Reggiano from organic farming takes place with the mixture of naturally skimmed milk (through natural surfacing) from the evening milking  and that of whole milk from morning milking. Natural whey and calf rennet is added to it for a 10-12 minute coagulation process. The curd is then broken for a duration of 2 minutes using a special tool, called “spino”, followed by a purging and cooking phase for a total duration of 10-12 minutes. 

We work 7 days a week since we work on daily produced milk.

After the cooking phase, there is a period of storage of the product in the whey in a cooking boiler for a period of 50-60 minutes. Once the forms are removed from the boilers, they are placed on special shims where the molding takes place before in Teflon molds, where they remain for one day and in which they are turned upside down many times to facilitate the leaking of the whey, then in honeycomb steel mold where  they remain 2-3 days. 

After this period, necessary for a consolidation of the forms, they deposited in a special tank for salting during 24 days. Only at the end of this process the product is introduced into the aging warehouses where it remains for at least 12 months up to 36 months and beyond. The first expertization and relative marking takes place only at 12 months, not before

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