Why is it genuine?


The Reasons of a Genuine Product

The possible adverse reactions to food related to the consumption of dairy products are exclusively related to two factors::

Lactose is one of the main milk allergens: a milk sugar which, due to the absence of an enzyme in the digestive system, causes some of the population to have problems when eating foods that contain lactose.

In the case of Parmigiano the lactose problem DOES NOT EXIST: the production of Parmigiano – Reggiano is completely transformed into lactic acid by the enzymes used. Therefore, lactose is not present in aged Parmigiano – Reggiano cheese


Milk proteins, especially casein, can be another cause of intolerances.

However, modern studies have shown that casein allergic subjects do not show any symptoms when they eat Parmigiano – Reggiano cheese.

Our milk is at KM Zero, indeed it is at… 200 meters!

In fact, the path that the milk takes in the village to the processing area is only 200 at walking pace. This means that the milk molecules are not subjected to any stress due to transport, storage, temperature changes for a pure and genuine product!


Thanks high temperatures cooking and subsequent aging, these substances undergo profound modifications that eliminate the risk of the aforementioned allergies: in fact, the proteolysis of milk proteins is stimulated in the manufacturing process. In practice, proteins are broken down into their fundamental elements – amino acids – making these proteins highly digestible for everyone, even those who normally feel bad with a sip of milk.

Cooking at high temperature is also an important guarantee as it eliminates all possible germs and bacteria that are harmful to human health.

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