When a producer is organic does not work for conventional

Too often, recently, one of the contacts, we found help requests such as "by chance know some manufacturer conventional your friend?"

The first few times we responded politely trying to help out, not anymore, it is time to say enough!

We believe that our site in a more explicit than obvious nature of our product, which is organic and nothing else. Equally other sites, very well organized, from the Consortium of Parmigiano-Reggiano, indicate very well and with great precision, different manufacturers Parmesan conventional, so frankly do not understand the need of those who contact us, to know conventional producers valid.

Our suggestion may be decisive in this respect? We do not believe so!

To us it sounds very different such a request, is comparable to that of a girl who turns to his infatuated and asks her to please give him the number of his friend more attractive to her.

Organic is a world apart from the conventional, we have expressed on other occasions. It is for its process, and for its production costs. It is therefore also in the final price.

If someone does not want to understand the biological, does not want to understand the philosophy and the guarantee of genuineness extreme, obliging themselves to issues of price, it is free to do so, please! The world is beautiful because it is different. But do not ask us how to search for conventional producers.

We invite all those who visit our site in the future so to avoid, please, approcciarci us to ask other manufacturers, with the promise of treating ourselves and others, because it is not so, who is the biological, in the vast majority of cases, only wants that. Ditto for those handling the conventional.

In any case, to put away them at this link.

With apologies to all those who firmly believe in our product and in its high quality, as well as nature, we wish all lovers of organic and non, a GOOD SUMMER and a happy holiday period!