Temporary unavailability of product 30 months aged

It can also be understood as a pleasure not to have more than 30 months available, a sign that the year just past has seen a much higher consumption of this ripening compared to our forecasts.

The Borgo of Gazzano was still put to work immediately to create a stock that in the coming months will be even more numerous than in 2015. But like all good things, needs of his time.

For this reason we inform you that for a period of about a month and a half, so at least until March 20 inclusive, we will not be able to accept product orders 30 months therefore will be temporarily taken offline.

We apologize to all our customers affectionate, have drawbacks that can happen especially to a totally artisan company like ours.

We would like to be ascertained is the wider availability of 24 months, throw fresh one particular of this maturing, unknown to most people and peculiarities that only 24 months may have.

The popular imagination as a parmesan meal may not be suitable for grating and vice versa. More than true, in most cases it is.

The Borgo of Gazzano, for its choice of breeding to 50% consists of Friesian black&white and the remaining 50% of red&white Friesian them crossing time with the Alpine Brown, on the other hand a minimum of 15% more fat milk compared to that of farms consisting of only Friesian black&white then the result is a sweeter cheese on the palate, as many of you have been able to test and recognize.

In light of this, the result is reached at 24 months is a cheese that when you eat it, it seems as meal and when it is grater grater.

Seeing is believing. In the Borgo we are particularly fond of this firm seasoning remaining the largest valid for the other two ages, 18 months and 30 months, as mentioned, soon it becomes available.