Organic product vs conventional product

More and more experts and even some private, we wonder why there is a big cost difference between organic production and conventional production.

The reason is obvious, and is in the numbers:

- Organic production global Parmigiano Reggiano is around 50,000 forms of annual average. In contrast, the conventional production is equal to 3,200,000 forms of annual average.

- By virtue of these numbers tight to (keep in mind that the Red Cows produce about 15,000 forms a year, a not so distant from organic production), the question is three times greater than the supply.

So why not make more organic? Because it costs so much. Some numbers:

- The animal feed has an average of 30% more costs compared to conventional.

- Hay for animal has an average of 25% more costs than the conventional.

- The per capita production for each individual animal is lower by 20-30% compared to a conventional head.

Some data establishing the product because there is little biological and why such a choice is very difficult to be taken to a producer.

These factors have resulted in an increase of the difference between organic and conventional up to € 7 / kg to detail, certainly not a little, but the fault is not attributable to organic production, which remained constant over the years has always maintained its price range that has seen very few oscillations with respect to the conventional production that instead always suffered from considerable variations in price, both upwards and downwards.

We invite everyone to consider that when the price difference is very high, the fault is not organic but the conventional load quoted too little.

The numbers very poor of organic production do the rest, that's why we smile when some insider promises to us in the order of business several tons of cheese that does not really exist, nor will ever exist.

We hope that these explanations can be a help to all those who approach to organic production of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and that they can provide effective response to the many legitimate objections, we are continuously made to a lack of information that we hope to have given with these few lines.

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