Insiders: instructions for use

Recently we have received numerous contacts by different operators / wholesalers interested in the list of the Borgo of Gazzano.

Well, no problem for us to provide it by mail, but need certain conditions:

- First name, last name and geographical location of the customer, essential to calculate any transportation costs.

- The name, which means the real intention of wanting to undertake a commercial speech.

All those mails like "Good morning I would like to know if you have a price list for retail. Thank you," and the like, will never be replicated by our staff, that does not mean in texts like this the right approach to our niche product that has clear a very limited production that requires planning well-defined, for which the real intention on the part of the potential customer are the first essential step toward an information that our part will then be detailed in all the particulars of the case.

Equally email will not be considered for potential intermediaries with any GDO, as the talk with these realities can be considered by us exclusively in direct mode. This is because having a price we believe it is important that other people useless neither art nor part, increase these costs (please read the article on organic production vs. conventional production).

The situation is different relative to agents, always welcome, provided that they also provide detailed information on their activities.

We believe and hope that this information balisari can be helpful to anyone who wants to approach with our production company that is looking for people who believe strongly with such passion, the same that we get every day we produce in our cheese.

Safe in an understanding by all, good web visit within our Borgo!