Ice Catch: When the cheese is delivered to you as if it had just come out of the fridge!

The hot summer of 2015, followed in 2016 by the equally hot summer we have imposed the reflections.

Very craft solutions that we had taken up to 365 days ago, for they were not as effective as we wanted and also inelegant to see.

It was necessary to run to the shelters using valid polystyrene that, with appropriate solutions of bags, we could give the opportunity to provide customers with a service to the occasion and the heat of these days.

Our luck was to meet a company, the AMR from Treviso, in the North of Italy, which provided us with the service we were looking for.

Thanks to them we have introduced robust Styrofoam box with inside the Icecatch, a refrigerated tile German conception that has the great virtue to keep refrigerated up to 120 hours!

A solution that allowed us to "defeat" the summer heat with a much appreciated service to all those who, from June 30 until today, have made use of this box.

We had to apply, in spite of ourselves, an extra cost, but what we want to pass off as message is the fact that both the polystyrene which, above all, the Icecatch, are reusable indefinitely from our end customers who can use either the box that the same tile, which slips in hat in the same polystyrene, such as refrigerator container for their personal use.

Not only that, for those unwilling to make use of polystyrene, can still reuse the Icecatch tile in its own insulated bags, before placing it in the freezer for a minimum period of 24 hours. Seeing is believing!

This service we give to customers is considered as extra until the return of winter temperatures will not guarantee themselves, as nature intended, on the fresh quality food shipments must still have.

We invite everyone to try them anyway in the absolute conviction that those who spend more, spend better and, above all, not to provide a service to lose, but an opportunity that will benefit all of our customers for their use and consumption.

A service that strengthens and reinforces our absolute conviction and willingness to serve the customer in the best possible conditions!